Suggested packages of services that our partners may choose to help realize their goal


Opening a new business is challenging and multi-dimensional. We have many years' experience creating strategies for successful openings of restaurants, bars, event spaces, bakeries, and cafés. We have led teams through each phase of the process, from construction through to the opening few months. The industry can be unforgiving and competitive, so carving out a niche for your business with a compelling reason for guests to visit and employees to join is key to your success. Setting your business up so that you don’t leave any stone unturned is critical for your profitability. Well-executed human resources and marketing strategies can give your business a jump-start for the tough first year. 

This service is typically a three- to six-month project. We work with you to agree upon a scope of work, and then we focus on the areas where you think we can make the greatest impact.


Have you ever looked at your business and wondered what happened over the years? Have your sales declined, or your costs increased, and you can’t seem to find the right staff? With reality cooking shows, real-time blog and Twitter critics, and savvier guests, it is increasingly difficult to continue to drive sales and stay competitive. We analyze your numbers and the efficiency of your daily operation in order to identify areas that are a priority. We mobilize the right resources and start executing a plan to help turn your business around. 

These projects tend to last three to six months, as we work directly with the front lines to strengthen your culture and set your team up for long-term success.


We have designed this package for businesses that need a fresh perspective on the effectiveness of their day-to-day operation. These businesses may have the willingness and desire to execute, but they need a starting-off point. Sometimes when you are in your business all the time, it can be difficult to see such opportunities. 

This is a day-rate package that can involve a variety of Building Blocks, including employee engagement surveys, interviews with management, mystery diners, observing different services and time periods, gathering information on menu preferences, observing training practices, and others. From there we create a BluePrint Action Form that outlines specific opportunities and potential solutions.

Brick-and-Mortar Workshops

The competitive advantage of your business is in your human capital. If you train your employees properly, and if they understand how important their jobs are, you will see an increase in sales, profitability, guest satisfaction, and employee engagement. At BluePrintHospitality we offer a wide range of workshops to help teach all levels of your organization. We can design specific coursework for your business, or we can use one of our BluePrint Foundation Courses on a range of topics: creating momentum, service recovery, situational leadership, financial acumen, and cost control. 

Workshops range from a simple two-hour session to an ongoing series. We will not prepare any workshops without first having a clear understanding of your expectations and the desired results. We encourage active participation and use situational and scenario-based learning to ensure that the participants can use the skills that we teach. All materials and coursework remain yours for future use.