An exclusive platform allowing our partners to connect with other hospitality professionals and providing access to our resources, articles, book club, and executive blog

BluePrint Community

Once you have used our services, we want to ensure that you continue to succeed. The BluePrint Community is an exclusive, members-only platform allowing you to stay in touch with us, to see what we are working on, and to start networking with other hospitality professionals. Anyone in your organization can join. You will have access to everything we post, including training materials, new articles, industry trends, and leadership talks. You will receive updates on our blog and book club, join in on discussions, and continue to get answers to your questions. Access will be free of charge for six months after the completion date of the contract and will be available for a nominal yearly subscription fee thereafter.   

The BluePrint Community launch DAte is scheduled for later this year! 

Part of our service also includes three one-hour follow-up sessions after our work is complete. Depending on the location, these are typically conference calls, but we are always happy to pay you a visit. These sessions are available to use until three months after the completion date of your contract. 

We recognize that our partners may want us to attend meetings or serve as advisors, coaches, or board members. We are happy to speak to you about this, as well.