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Why I started BluePrintHospitality

I recently read about an entrepreneur who said he had reached a point in his life where his passion, profession, and expertise were exactly the same thing. It became clear to me that the hospitality industry had long provided me that same sense of alignment. I know that there is a world of opportunity in our industry to build stronger, healthier businesses that can establish the resources, leadership, and infrastructure to improve our longevity and profitability. By strengthening our own organizations, we can continue to attract new talent, grow our brands, and make this a profession and industry of choice. I am drawn to this industry not only because it is complex and emotional, but because the vibrancy of any community depends on us. We are not merely selling food, beverage, or space; we are creating experiences and building the very relationships that determine our success. I am invigorated when I collaborate with people who are passionate, creative, and determined to mark their work with excellence.


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"Jerrett is the quintessential hospitality professional. He is empathetic and has a keen eye for detail and a drive for excellence. This combination makes him incredibly good at hospitality—he is able to think of every touch point a guest will have in an interaction, consider the approach that will make the guest feel most welcome, and then strive to ensure that his vision is executed every time. In his time at Oliver & Bonacini, he led, trained, and mentored countless employees to embrace similar ideals and was instrumental in creating and maintaining the service excellence culture that O&B is renowned for. He takes the time to get to know both his employees and his peers, understand their ambitions and challenges, and form long-lasting relationships with them. His style of leadership and thoughtful engagement will be a benefit where ever he goes."

Phil Wylie—Director of Talent Management at Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants

"Very few people in my career have had the impact on me and my business that Jerrett has. He gave me and my team the opportunity to work with O&B, and it changed our business and my life. 

"Jerrett is a leader among leaders, and he represents himself and the companies he works for with so much class. Jerrett has set the bar for the way an organization should be run, and he always leads by example." 

Matt Rolfe—CEO of Barmetrix